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Hi, I’m Lee.

I’m the owner and lead carpenter of Rustic Realities, pictured here on the cedar shingle roof of a treehouse, aka, my happy place. I live and breathe bespoke, rustic, timber buildings.


My dad bought me my first tool kit for my 8th birthday, which sparked a passion in me for creating things from timber. This led to me studying carpentry in college with the view to make a career out of designing and constructing unique structures.

At Rustic Realities our top priority after making our customers happy with unique and interesting builds, is to design and build in the most Eco friendly way possible. When using insulation (in garden rooms and cabins) we opt for Thermafleece Cozywool over mineral wool, this reduces the carbon footprint by A) being from the UK, and B) it isn’t mined from the ground and spun into a wool, all of which is horrible for the environment.

We also make sure all of our timber is sourced from FSC certified forests, ensuring they are responsibly managed.


As well as using sustainable materials, our waste is responsibly managed as well. Our timber waste gets sent to be used as biofuel for power stations, rather than going to landfill, and as a waste carrier licence holder we can give you the peace of mind that any waste we remove or create will be responsibly disposed of. 

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